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Puppy Classes

New puppy classes on Monday 10th of January at 18:30pm till 19:20pm in Colbury and Friday 21st of January at 19:30pm till 20:20pm in Dibden.


If you're interested in January classes, please feel free to email us for more information. 


Our goal is to help dog owners learn and understand dog behaviours and avoid the common mistakes that could lead to problem behaviours later on in life.


Puppy class isn't just about teaching your dog the basics like sit, lay down, loose lead and recall, we also teach you what to do in everyday situations like passing other dogs, food manners and jumping up, to name a few.  Our classes are designed to be a friendly educational class where you get to meet and know all the other puppies and owners and have a chat with each other because it's nice to know if you're struggling that you aren't alone. We have a question and answer time during each session where you can ask us any dog related questions and we'll answer them.  

We recommend puppies being 12 weeks old and under 6 months old to join our puppy classes. If older please give us a message and we'll suggest the best route and class for you.


We teach many things like introduction to eye contact, loose lead walking, confidence building, recall, obedience (sit, stay, down), food manners, jumping up, sit stays, as well as talking about socially appropriate behaviours, puppy behaviours (biting, chewing, toilet training) and lots more.  Don't worry if your puppy already knows some of it, we can always help you improve or extend it.


We'd like to help you get started as soon as possible so if you book onto our puppy class you gain full access to our puppy plus package online where we teach several things including unwanted behaviours, toilet training and puppy biting etc. You're able to do this at your own pace and start straight away from home.



How to book on- Please see the contact us section about how to get in touch with us.

If you know you can't make a week before signing on, please let us know, if you're unable to attend due for any reason and miss a week we can arrange catching you up.


We also offer puppy consultations at your home and pre-puppy consultations to help set you up on the right foot before you welcome a new puppy into your home.