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Dog Training Consultations

Your questions answered! 


Why join us?

We want you to enjoy owning a dog so we're here to help you understand each other and what better way than to do it with positive reinforcement, a training method bound to make your relationship stronger than ever. Dogs aren't born knowing how to live in a household of humans so it's our job as humans to help guide them and this is where we'd love to help you.


It's also our mission to ensure you feel supported and well-equipped when using our services.

What kind of behaviours can Consults help me with?

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What happens in a consultation?

Consultations will either be held at a secure field or in your home environment. A lot of the time we can do our initial consult on Zoom, where we can start on prep training so that when we do meet, we have the fundamentals of the training down already. 


 Our consultations focus on giving you the skills and know-how to help with the issue at hand, making sure you know what to do is paramount for our training journey!

For many issues, we recommend having a block of three consultations. This allows us to, prep, train, review and adjust our training accordingly.


Single consults are £70 and a bundle of 3 consults start from £200 depending on what package level you choose, if you're not sure what will suit you best, feel free to pop us an email and we can discuss what route suits you.



The Reactivity Package

If you struggle with your dogs reactivity towards humans, dogs or even livestock then this package is for you.


The Homelife Package

If you're struggling to deal with your dogs issues within your home then this package is for you!

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Eyes and Ears Package

This package is designed to help you with day to day focus and engagement when out on walks.

How do I get started?

If you'd like to enquire about our training consultations than please click the button bellow to pop us a contact form and then we can get you booked in!

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