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The Homelife 

Our Homelife is perfect for any unwanted behaviours at home!

Whether it's chewing, separation anxiety, barking, jumping up at people or worktops, playing chase me when they've stolen something, or anything else you haven't cracked yet we are here to help you! We offer a block of 3 consultations that will help you concur the issues you're having!

What does the block include?

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Session 1

Our first consultation together will be held over Zoom, where we will discuss the issues that you'd like help with. We'll then start building our unique training plan directly tailored to you and your dogs needs. We'll also start you off with the the preliminary training that needs to be done before our second session. Doing this makes the in person consult much more effective as you would have already started with the fundamentals!


Session 2 

The second session is a follow up and will be held in the comfort of your home. Doing this allows us to put our training plan into action together, making sure we have touched on all bases of control and management and training techniques that we need. This will give you the confidence and know how to use the training plan with minimal bumps in the road.

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Session 3 

Our last session works as our opportunity to fine tune our training plan so we can narrow down and target specific aspects that may be taking longer to resolve. If everything is going to plan, that's great! We can start working on increasing manners in areas you feel will be helpful, the world is your oyster! 


We offer 3 levels of our Homelife Package and they are as follows:


Our standard package has everything we have outlined above, the perfect way to start your training journey, made simple.



Everything in our standard package but with all 3 consults being in person! 

Pop the kettle on!


All in!:

Everything the deluxe already has as well as being supplied with Feelwells training treats, a LikkiMat and long line that we personally recommend!


How to get started?

When you are ready to start your dog training journey, please click the button below to send us an email, from there, we can get you booked in!

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