About Forest Dog Academy Ltd

Here at Forest Dog Academy your dogs come first!


What better way than to train your dog with fun, kind, force-free methods. Here at Forest Dog Academy we aim to teach and show you the benefits of training your dog with positive reinforcement. By making it enjoyable and fun, dogs enjoy training and learning new things which means they're much more likely to offer the behaviour that you would like.

I'm Toby a Fully Qualified IMDT Dog Trainer, I found my passion for dog training back in school, working in my summer holidays to find out more at a local dog training company which then lead to an apprenticeship for 2 years with one day studying at Sparsholt College to complete an Animal Care Course.

After completing my apprenticeship I went on to start a new dog training company and qualify as a Full IMDT dog trainer. I've been training dogs and helping owners full time for almost 6 years now and I'm still loving every minute of it.

I’m Courtney and I’ve been running my own dog grooming business called Courtney’s Dog Grooming since I was 18 years old. I was influenced by the love of my dog Bobby (who’s in the picture with us) who I got as a puppy when I was 8yrs old. Unfortunately, he's no longer with us but lived a wonderful 14.5 years. I’m also mad about cats too as I've been the manager of Happy Cats Cattery since 2013. Even though me and toby went to the same school, we didn’t cross paths till we were at college and I joined a local dog training company where we worked together every day.  



5 years later we have our two businesses with a lovely community of dog owners. All the dogs we meet, we treat like they’re our own with a lot of love and compassion. We really love each dog we meet and want nothing but the best for them.

Our mission is to help dog owners learn and understand more about their dogs. We do this through teaching and hosting lots of different events, classes and 1-2-1’s which can include, obedience training, puppy talk and behaviours, fun agility, tricks to behavioural issues.


Our future plans….

We plan to move into a house big enough to run dog boarding, find a springer spaniel to join our crew of dogs, get married and do more online training to help those who aren’t local.  We believe it’s been a great day if we’ve met a new dog and owner and an even better day if we’ve helped them in some way so we plan to continue with our mission as long as we can.

Forest Dog Academy LTD


Totton, Hampshire