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Pre-Puppy Package


Our Pre-Puppy Package is perfect for any owner that wants to set off on the right foot!

Getting prepared for a puppy can be hard and overwhelming to say the least, but thats where we come in. We offer a block of 3 consultations that help you get completely prepared for anything that comes your way with your new puppy! 

What does the block include?

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Session 1

Our first consultation will be held over Zoom where we can discuss such things as, red flags when dealing with breeders, what to look out for when visiting puppy at the breeders, what food to feed them when they come home, what equipment you will need before getting puppy and more! If you have any concerns about any particular issue that may come up this is the perfect place to voice them!


Session 2 

Session 2 will have me come out to visit your home before puppy comes home so we can discuss plans of how we can deal with possible issues that may arise. Some of the things we will cover are, puppy pen/crate set ups, toilet training, the first few nights, introductions to other animals in the household and more!


Session 3 

Our last session will take place after you have brought pup home and this session is focused on making sure everything we have talked about on the lead up is going as smoothly as possible, and if any adjustments need to be made we can do so from the get go. If everything is going great than we can start with lead training and recall!


We offer 3 levels of our pre-puppy package and they are as follows


Our standard package has everything we have outlined above, the perfect way to start your training journey, made simple.



Everything in our standard package but with all 3 consults being in person! 

Pop the kettle on!


All in!:

Everything the deluxe already has as well as being supplied with Feelwells training treats, a LikkiMat and long line that we personally recommend!


How to get started?

When you are ready to start your puppy training journey, please click the button below to send us an email, from there, we can get you booked in!

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