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Elasticated Dog Seatbelt

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Designed to let every dog owner become more confident when travelling with there dogs, this elasticated dog seat belt not only protects them but also reduces the impact of sudden braking or even a crash due to the elastic stretch point on the belt!

This belt ensures effortless safety when it comes to your dogs. Its easy to use, adjustable length to accommodate small and large dogs and even comes in multiple colours!
Made of high quality nylon fabric, it also ensures much more safety than the usual dog seat belt because it features a more solid zinc alloy swivel snap, and metal buckles to guarantee extra durability when in use.
With an adjustable length, it accommodates both small and large pets .
Give your pet the freedom to sit, lay down, or stand freely without endangering the driver with distractions.
Width: 2.5cm
Adjustable Length: 70-90cm

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